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WAYON STONE provide Types of fans | 12 inch box fan

WAYON STONE provide Types of fans | 12 inch box fan

WAYON STONE provide Types of fans | 12 inch box fan

Aug 11,2021

DC DC fan

  According to the industry's observation, the most popular this summer is the "DC DC fan". The DC enclosed motor is the latest model on the market. It combines the advantages of lightness, energy saving and low wind noise, and can switch multiple wind speeds.

   Suitable for: Those who are afraid of noise and use electric fans for a long time.

   Disadvantages: The price is high, starting from about 3,000 yuan on average.

   circulating fan

The circulation fan with small size and low profile, the principle of operation is a high-speed motor, when the blowing wind passes through the house, it can draw more air into the circulating air flow, blow the wind farther, and make all the air in the room. Circulate flow, balance the indoor temperature, use cool convection indoors in spring and autumn, and use air-conditioning or electric heaters in summer and winter to save energy and electricity.

  Suitable for: students or office workers who live in small suites with a space of about 8 to 10 pings.

   Disadvantages: The running sound is too loud.

   Building Fan

  The upright columnar building fan is beautiful and space-saving. It is equipped with a large-angle swing head and wide-angle air supply. The blowing range is relatively wide.

  Suitable: Building fans are only suitable for use with air-conditioned rooms in summer, and the actual cooling feeling is not great in the hot summer.

   Disadvantages: It is not easy to clean, and the wind cuts loudly.

   water cooling fan

A water-cooled fan whose appearance is quite different from that of a conventional electric fan can be called a "five-star" in the electric fan industry. As long as the water tank of the water-cooled fan is filled with water, the machine can spray the water supplied into the machine into a mist and send it out. It has a honeycomb cooling filter material. When the hot air passes through the scaly heat dissipation filter material, it immediately cools down to produce fresh and cold air, which can effectively keep the cold, and it can be blown for a long time, and the indoor temperature can be reduced by 1 to 2 degrees.

  The fan blades of water-cooled fans are mostly divided into two layers. The inner blades can be remotely controlled to rotate left and right, while the outer fan blades need to be manually adjusted up and down.
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