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The detailed assembly method of the floor fan.

The detailed assembly method of the floor fan.

The detailed assembly method of the floor fan.

Jun 09,2022

The floor fan consists of several parts, fan cover, fan blade, motor and control gear system, support rod bracket, base.

1. Chassis installation

Just plug the footrest into the footplate. When connecting the power cord, you should also pay attention to ensure that the machine is connected when the power is off, and it is relatively simple to insert the separated power cord into the jack at the rear of the body.

2. Tighten the bottom nut

Align the bottom nut with the base hole and tighten.

3. Adjust the length of the telescopic rod

Loosen the lift lock nut first, pull the lift pipe out of the column, and then lock it with the lift lock nut.

4. Insert the fuselage lock nut

Loosen the clamp nut on the lower part of the fuselage, insert the fuselage into the lift pipe, and tighten the clamp nut. Loosen the lift lock nut, adjust to the desired height, and tighten the nut.

5. Install the rear grille

Unscrew the fan blade fixing nut from the motor shaft, unscrew the triangular nut, and then install the rear grille.

6. Tighten the grille nut

7. Install fan blades

When installing the fan blade, the groove behind the fan blade should be stuck on the limit pin of the motor

The above are the detailed steps for the installation of the floor fan.
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