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Fan motor with synchronous motor | Synchronous motor assembly

Fan motor with synchronous motor | Synchronous motor assembly

Fan motor with synchronous motor | Synchronous motor assembly

Aug 11,2021

Synchronous motor magnetic pole assembly

Before assembling, check whether the parts are complete and the quality meets the requirements. Wipe the mating surfaces of the shaft, the inner hole of the yoke, the inner hole of the slip ring, the inner and outer circles of the fan bracket, the inner hole of the fan seat ring, and the working surface of the slanted shaft with a steam extraction rag. Repair the defective place in advance.

Accurately measure the matching dimensions and tolerances of the shaft, yoke, slip ring, fan bracket, fan seat ring, and key.

After the above preparations are completed, the magnetic pole coil can be assembled on the magnetic pole core, and the mark of the magnetic pole centerline can be drawn on the outer surface of the magnetic pole core.

In order to install the magnetic poles in the rotor yoke, the shaft with the magnetic yoke should be placed on the bracket. After confirming that it is stable, the magnetic poles can be installed.

When installing the magnetic poles, one person should hold the two iron washers with their hands and cover the springs so that the springs will not be scraped away when the magnetic poles are inserted. After the magnetic pole is inserted into the slot, gradually withdraw the iron gasket.

Check the alignment between the centerline of each magnetic pole and the centerline of the yoke according to the original record. After installing a magnetic pole, the oblique key that has been developed must be preliminarily driven into the T-tail or dovetail slot, but it should not be driven too tightly, so that it can be adjusted at any time.

After all the magnetic poles are installed, first tighten the oblique key in the uppermost magnetic pole core, because under the gravity of the magnetic pole, the T-tail or dovetail gap is the largest, which is convenient for driving the oblique key. Afterwards, the oblique keys in each magnetic pole are driven in when they are in the uppermost position. After checking that there is no problem, cut off the overlong part of the oblique key end, and spot weld the oblique key end firmly.

After the magnetic pole is installed and the oblique key is tightened, check the installation quality. Place the flat ruler horizontally on the center of the magnetic pole, and then use a micrometer to place it vertically on the highest point of the shaft. Check the radius from the outer circle of the magnetic pole to the center of the shaft. It should conform to the original record. . Detect the inter-turn insulation and insulation resistance value of the magnetic pole coil.

After passing the electrical inspection, start to connect the connecting wires between the coils. After soldering, wrap the connecting wire insulation and binding work according to the original record. At the same time, connect the connecting pieces between the damping rings. Install the fan in the original recorded position and orientation. The fan is generally hot-mounted, and the seat ring of the fan is uniformly heated by the oxygen-acetylene flame, and it can be smoothly sleeved on the shaft after heating to about 250°C.

Check whether all the fastening parts are reliable, whether the safety washers are added, and whether the tightened washers have been turned over and fixed.
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